Product Care

Fabric care:

  • Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment to remove dirt, dust, and debris. 
  • Spot clean spills and stains as soon as possible with a damp cloth. 
  • Use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner on tough stains. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading and discolouration.
  • Rotate cushions regularly to ensure even wear. 
  • Place protective pads on furniture legs to prevent scratches on floors. 
  • Avoid harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals. 
  • Use a furniture protector to guard against dirt and spills.
  • Have upholstery professionally cleaned regularly. 
  • Fluff feather cushions regularly to maintain their shape.
  • Spills must be cleaned immediately. Avoid rubbing or dabbing as it will penetrate deeper into the fabric fibres.
  • Soak up spills with paper towel or other very absorbent clean/dry cloth.
  • Do not steam or bleach


Marble care:

  • Clean with pH neutral gentle soap or specially formulated marble cleaner and warm water
  • While cleaning, use non-abrasive cloth or sponge 
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals on the surface, as they can damage the epoxy coating
  • Wipe with the wet, hot dish towel
  • Blot up spill immediately, never wipe
  • If spills, clean it quickly to avoid surface abrasion 
  • To prevent scratches, avoid dragging on the surface or use felt pads or protective mat for items kept on the surface
  • Avoid keeping hot surface directly on marble top
  • To avoid discolouration, avoid placing very hot items on the surface. 
  • After cleaning, make sure to dry the surface thoroughly to prevent water spots.


Leather Care:

  • Don’t leave leather exposed in the sun or moisture
  • Never use chemical agents while cleaning, only soap and water
  • Leave your sofa to dry naturally, and avoid sitting on it until it is finished to avoid dye transfer.
  • Vacuum the couch regularly to remove dirt and dust. 
  • Condition your leather couch periodically to prevent it from cracking. 
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive materials when cleaning your leather couch. 
  • Avoid sitting on the arms of the couch to prevent damage to the leather. 
  • Use coasters when placing drinks on the leather couch to prevent staining. 
  • Have your leather couch professionally cleaned periodically to maintain its appearance.


Wood Care:

  • Dust regularly. Use a dry cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris from the surface of wooden furniture. 
  • Use furniture polish. Use a furniture polish that is specifically designed for wood furniture to help protect the wood and reduce marks and scratches. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Wood furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight as this can cause fading and discolouration.
  • Keep it away from heat and moisture. Heat and moisture can cause the wood to warp and crack, so it’s important to keep your furniture away from sources of both. 
  • Use protective pads. Place protective pads under furniture legs or on surfaces to reduce wear and tear. 
  • Clean spills quickly. Spills should be wiped up quickly using a damp cloth to avoid any staining or damage.
  • Use coasters for drinks. Using coasters for drinks on wooden furniture will help to prevent marks and stains from liquids.